Diana és charles know,

diana és charles know

Facebook Ha azt mondjuk Lady Diana, mindenki tudja, hogy kiről van szó.

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De azt tudjátok-e, hogy élt egy másik Diana Spencer is, aki Lady Di őse volt? Olvassátok el a történetét! We all know, love, and remember the Lady Diana Spencer whose wedding in was watched by an estimated million people, and whose life was cut short by a tragic accident.

Ki Hasnat Khan? 8 dolog, amit tudni kell Diana hercegnőről, Mr. Csodálatos"

But did you know there was another Lady Diana Spencer—an 18th century ancestor who was also destined to marry the Prince of Wales in a fairytale wedding? When her father remarried, the couple had three children, but each one died in infancy. Two died shortly after birth, with a third—her little brother William—dying before he was two years old.

Her next heartache came with the death of her father when she was 12, making her an orphan, followed diana és charles know by the passing of her grandfather, the Duke of Marlborough.

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Diana was now entirely in the care of her grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough. As she grew up, Diana became a tall, fair-haired and attractive young lady with a compassionate nature and charming personality.

The Other Lady Diana: the tragic story of the princess that never was

Suffering from the effects of gout, her grandmother found it painful to write and so Diana became her full-time assistant, writing letters that her grandmother dictated. They became inseparable and her grandmother said of Diana that she had more sense than any woman she knew.

Még több termék - Emlékszem, hogy a domb tetején lévő házba mentem be, a bejárati ajtóhoz vittek, az örökbe fogadó anyám bekopogott, de soha nem lépte át a küszöböt, csak én. Konkrétan azt állította, hogy az egyik rezidencia nem más volt, mint a Broadlands House, ahol akkor Lord Mountbatten, Fülöp herceg nagybátyja lakott.

None were good enough for her granddaughter. The Dowager Duchess wanted to reach higher—to the top.

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Waiting for the right suitor was proving costly, so the Dowager Duchess put her plan into action. A date and secret location were agreed upon. Diana came with the handsome ismerkedés lovak szerelmesei of £30, and another £, on the death of the Dowager Duchess.

That same year, the pregnant Lady Diana was thrown from diana és charles know carriage in an accident that caused the premature birth of their son, John. Sadly, more tragedy was to beset Diana as her little boy died the day after his baptism.

The Duke was now desperate tofather an heir and just a few months after the death of their son, the Duchess was pregnant again. But the hand of fate was not on her side and she miscarried, only to be blamed for not taking enough care of herself. But all was not as it should be.


She started to lose, rather than gain, weight, and was diagnosed as having tuberculosis. And it was there that she died in late September of at the age of Christened Diana, she would get to marry her Prince … and the rest is history.

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Can you match the pairs? Her Majesty the Queen a. Prince Philip 2. The Duke of Edinburgh b. Camilla 3. The Prince of Wales c.

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Sophie 4. The Duchess of Cornwall d. Prince Charles 5.

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The Duke of Cambridge e. Prince Richard 6. The Duchess of Cambridge f. Elisabeth II 7.

1. Munkahelyén találkozott Dianával.

The Duke of York g. Prince William 8. The Earl of Wessex h. Anne 9. The Countess of Wessex i.

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The Duke of Kent j. Prince Andrew The Duchess of Kent k.

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Birgitte The Duke of Gloucester l. Katharine The Duchess of Gloucester m. Prince Edward.

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