Flirt 50

Stadler signs German contract for Flirt Akku battery trains

The contract includes the providion of maintenance services for 30 years at Neumünster and Rendsburg facilities.

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Startingthe two-car trains new multiple units will replace diesel trains running on North and East railway lines. The train has a capacity for passengers, including seats.

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The existing charging infrastructure will be complemented by the reconstruction of the overhead catenary at five stations and on the Osterrönfeld—Jübek line, and other charging devices will be also created to enable an optimal charging. The flirt 50 trains will be more energy efficient and, above all, significantly lower in emissions than the previous diesel railcars.

Following the signing of the contract, Stadler presented the new trains to the Minister of Transport during a test-journey with a Flirt Akku train on Kiel — Oppendorf route.

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In JulyStadler was announced as the preferred bidder for the delivery of 55 trains, with an option for 50 additional multiple units. The contract includes an option for 50 additional vehicles and vehicle maintenance for a period of 30 years. Share on:.

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