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You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. We are committed to safeguarding your personal data in compliance with Republic Act No. We have developed a Privacy Policy that adopts and observes appropriate standards for personal data protection.

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Why do we collect your personal information as applicable? Where do we get your personal information? There are several ways we collect your personal information.

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Information that you personally provided. Most of the personal information we have are those you provided when you: Register to our programs or services; Inquired, filed flirt jelzi nő azt mutatják, complaint or requested for our services; Took part in our research and surveys; and Became our Partner, Vendor, Contractor or Supplier.

Information we collect during your engagement with us We also collect information as you use our products and services, like: Using our network, facilities and services; Activities that are being tracked by our website cookies; Calling our hotline; Using our apps, websites, and self-service channels and portals; and Joining our promos, prize raffles, or rewards and loyalty programs.

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Information we collect from other sources Other means of collection of information may be through: Our market research initiatives; When you visit and use our websites and mobile application; and Subsidiaries, affiliates, and third-party business partners to whom you have given consent to share your information to us. When do we disclose personal information?

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There may be instances when we are required to share the information you provided us. In such cases, we ensure that your personal information will be disclosed on a confidential manner, through secure channels and in compliance with the Data Privacy Act and other privacy laws.

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We will never share, rent, or sell your personal information to third parties outside of TV5 except in special cases where you have given consent, and in cases described in our privacy policy. In some instances, we may be required to disclose your personal information to our agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners and other third-party agencies and vicces könyv egyedülálló nők providers as part of our regular business operations and for the provision of our programs and services.

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This means we might share your information with our service providers, contractors, and professional advisers who help us provide our services.

How we protect your personal information The integrity, confidentiality, and security of your information is important to us. That is why we strictly enforce our Privacy Policy within TV5 and have implemented technical, organizational, and physical security measures that are designed to protect your information from unauthorized or fraudulent access, alteration, disclosure, misuse, and other unlawful activities.

TV5 will not collect, use, or disclose your personal information for any purpose other than those identified in this Commitment, your Service Agreement or our Terms of Service, and any other purpose that you may have given your consent for. What are your choices?

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We make sure that we have your consent to continue to collect, use, and disclose your personal information for the purposes that we have identified. If you wish to have access to the personal information in our custody or if you think that the personal information you provided is incomplete, or otherwise inaccurate, you may get in touch with our Data Protection Officer through the contact details provided below.

In some instances, we may request for supporting documents or proof before we effect requested changes.

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Data Protection Officer.