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The research team for clinical and experimental neurolinguistics at Semmelweis University, in the course of their neuroanatomical, neurophysiological, neurogenetical, neuropathophysiological and neurobiochemical research for productive and receptive language usage as well as primary and secondary language acquisition, have formulated kislemez neustadt in holstein fundamental questions which are far out of the competence of both medicine and linguistics to answer, whereas these questions request urgent answers.

It seems mi haszna volt társkereső oldalak probable that neurolinguistics having answered the above questions, will be able to prove or, on the contrary, to disprove the existence of that presumptive connecting link which according to some theories - bridges over the evolutional gap between the ever-known most developed non-human being and the kislemez neustadt in holstein who is able to speak.

Key words: language acquisition and usage, neurolinguistics, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurogenetics, neuropathophysiology, neurobiochemistry The facts serving as the reason for the question: 1. Well known facts: the best known areas of the brain activity referring to the productive and receptive language usage are represented in the dominant hemisphere by the Wernickes area storing and managing the verbal lexiconkislemez neustadt in holstein Brocas area storing and managing the stock of the grammatical meansas well as the arcuate fascicle interconnecting the Wernickes area and the Brocas area.

An important organ of the productive language usage is the motor gyrus, its task is to operate the organs taking part in the physical realization of the speech. Less known facts: within the usage of the language, the Brodmann area serves for the primary processing receiving of the stimuli of the vocal speech, whereas the Brodmann areas serve for the secondary processing all these areas are in the temporal lobe.

The primary processing of the stimuli of the written 4 speech is carried out by the Brodmann area, and the secondary processing by the Brodmann areas the The production of the neurotransmitters which play an important role in the origination of the working memory indispensable for the productive and receptive language processing, is controlled by the hippocampus.

The question: By what and how is the activity of the areas and functional units of the human brain that take part in the speech and language processing, controlled in the progressions thought language speech and speech language ülés nő loudun 86

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The Neurophysiological Question The facts serving as dél- amerikai társkereső reason for the question: The widely held view according to which the dominant hemisphere in approx. Both speech and music have some components localization of which caused problems in the former research.

The dominance of the hemispheres can be proved by means of some verbal, visual and otorhino-dermatofunctional methods. Both hemispheres seem to have their respective, well-confinable duties and they do them in a more or less complementary distribution.

The results of the experiments demonstrate that the right hemisphere is rather emotive, artistic, initiative, searching for risk, whereas the left one is rational, designing, retiring and precautious as well as full of character. When dividing music, whether vocal or instrumental, into its six most characteristic components, it can be ascertained that some of them manifest themselves in both hemispheres due to their commissural interconnection. Some of these six components pitch level, length of time, rhythm, dynamics, tonality and tune can be localized only in the dominant hemisphere and others in the non-dominant one.

Their interaction is influenced kislemez neustadt in holstein the altering kislemez neustadt in holstein dominance and by several other factors which need a great amount of complex, experiment-based research work to get to know them. What functional dominance manifests itself during the operation of the ambilateral mechanisms of the synchronous speech and music perception?

Animal welfare, etológia és tartástechnológia

Does the dextrohemispherial dominance musicolingual unilateralization influence the quality of the music production, reproduction and perception? What neurophysiological relations exist between the speech and music production and perception faculties? The facts serving as the reason for the question: 1. Axiomatic starting point: when and after being born, all the human beings possess the uniform faculty enabling them to acquire any language as their first language.

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Lemma: this uniform faculty manifests itself in form of a uniform genetic code and is present in each individual of the different groups of humans which have well- defined and race-specific genetic differences. This space of time, according to the standpoint of neurogenetics, is not long enough for the uniform genetic code constituting the genetic basis of the language acquisition faculty, to be formed in a natural way.

The question: How could the uniform genetic code enabling the acquisition of any language as the primary language, be formed within a relatively short time in each individual of different groups of humans having race-specific genetic differences? The Neuropathophysiological Question The facts serving as the reason for the question: 1.

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The wide range of the methods enabling us to restore the lost language usage faculties, is situated in the common areas of several basic, interdisciplinary and applied sciences. First, it is a special area of the education of backward and defective children especially of logopaedia and of aphasiology which examines and treats for all the symptoms of language and speech impairment and the related disorders such as agraphia, dyslexia, acalculia, amusia, etc.

These professional fields apply mainly traditional therapeutic methods.

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The second, not less important research area is pharmacotherapy, the potentialities of kislemez neustadt in holstein are still known to a limited extent. The third large area is the functional neuroanatomy, according to which, the neuron reproduction may take place due to and by means of both its own 6 internal system of the organism the discovery of the neuronal stem cell production in the medulla and the neuron production taking place in the limbic system more exactly: in the hippocampus.

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The possibilities of the pharmacotherapeutic assistance to these processes still are little known. The regression of the congenital language acquisition faculty: the extent of the loss of the congenital natural!

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The first significant faculty loss can be registered at the end of the myelinization and at the moment of the stabilization of the hemispherial dominance. Discovery of the neuronal reproduction and the neuronal stem cells: it was one of the most important discovery of the last decade that neurons can be reproduced in order to partially replace the destroyed neurons.

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At the same time, according to the results of the recent neurological research, there are sleeping neuronal stem cells in the brain cells specialized for neuronal functions having remained from the embryonic development stage which can later be activated and transformed into neurons or supporting tissue glia cells. The new brain cells formed in this way have the same characteristics as the brain cells that existed in the neonatal period.

The question: Can and how can the congenital language acquisition faculty be reactivated in order to correct the acquired primary language dysfunctions and to optimize the secondary language acquisition in adulthood? The Neurobiochemical Question The facts serving as the reason for the question: 1.

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Neurotransmitters are small molecules appearing in the synapses between neurons which play an important role in information transfer and memory processing. The widely known neurotransmitters are: acetylcholine, adenosine, dopamine, epinephrine adrenalineGABA inhibitorhistamine, nitrogen monoxide, norepinephrine noradrenalineserotonin and melatonin synthetized from serotonin.

Their deficiency occurring for several reasons e. The possibility of oral intake is limited since the enzymes of the digestive canal may destroy several neurotransmitters, whereas the major part of the neurotransmitters remaining intact and thus entering the blood flow can not pass the blood-brain barrier this latter refers to the noradrenaline produced in a natural way by the adrenal gland, too.

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The possibility of direct intake mainly by means of intracarotid injections is also limited because of the blood-brain barrier effect. The practice of increasing the endogenous neurotransmitter production by means of pharmacotherapeutic methods e. This destructive action can be eliminated with esterase inhibitors.

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The phenomenon of neurotransmitter reuptake has become known recently: the brain cells neurons reuptake a great amount of neurotransmitters produced by them and the neurons themselves consume the reuptaken neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitors having been developed in kanada mérkőzés társkereső to block the reuptake effect, promise a satisfactory settling of the problem.

The question: What complex pharmacotherapeutical procedures can be used in order to assist the correction of the acquired primary language dysfunctions and the optimization of the secondary language acquisition in adulthood?

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Perspectives of the Neurolinguistical Research Having answered the above questions, neurolinguistics - will be able to provide relevant information enabling the human brain functioning to be understood more exactly; - will effectively contribute to the practical realization of the endeavors to optimize the language acquisition and to correct the acquired primary language dysfunctions; - will prove or, on the contrary, disprove the existence of that presumptive connecting link which according to some theories bridges over the evolutional gap between the ever-known most developed non-human being and the man who is able to speak.

Semmelweis Egyetem, Budapest, Dnos, Kornl: A nyelvvizsgztats pszicholingvisztikja. Stressz s vizsgateljestmny. Psycholinguistics of Language Examination.

Stress and Exam Performance.

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