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Definite article with city na… Definite article with city names gyorokpeter Today while browsing the news I came across a title that I originally misinterpreted as I was skimming through them too quickly In casual speech we often use the definite article before personal names like "A Józsi elment a boltba" "The Józsi went to the store".

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My city ismerősök what about city names? The reason egyetlen schwelm my momentary confusion was that Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia which is known for some political issues, so the appearance of the word "president" may imply a political position.

But in reality, the addition of the definite article changes the name from referring to the city to referring to its football team, FC Barcelona, so the article is about the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu, the president of FC Barcelona until 27 October Since football is such a popular sport in Hungary, this implicit association exists that if a city has a very popular football team, just using the name of the city or even district such as "Ferencváros" with the definite article makes it refer to the team rather than the geographical location.

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