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Do not connect other earpieces to prevent damage to the tweeling flört.

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Note: The batteries are not included in the packaging. Note: If you do not use the device for an extended period of time, remove the batteries.

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For others to receive your transmission, they must use the same radio channel. Note: Do not use two tweeling flört closer than 1. Scanning for an active radio channel Press and hold the up button for 2 seconds to scan for an active radio channel. The display shows the scan indicator. The channel will scan continuously from 1 to 8.

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If an active channel is found, the scanning will stop and you can listen to the transmission. If the transmission stops, the scanning will resume automatically. Note: If you do not press a button within 15 seconds, the device will return to standby mode automatically. If there are many users in your vicinity, other users may be operating on the same radio channel. VOX hands-free function In VOX mode, the device transmits a signal when it is activated by your voice or any other sound.

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The display shows the VOX indicator. Note: Do tweeling flört use VOX mode in a noisy or windy environment. Battery saving function When the device has not been used for 6 seconds, the device goes to economy mode. If the device detects a radio signal, the device will return to standby mode.

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Channel frequencies The device meets all required standards for radio equipment using PMR frequencies as authorized. The use of this two-way radio product involves the public airways and its use may be subject to local laws or regulations.


Contact your radio licensing authority for more information. Keep the manual for future reference. Do not use the device for other purposes than described in the manual.

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If the device is damaged or defective, replace the device immediately. Do not use the device outdoors. Do not use the device for commercial purposes. To avoid damage to the product, remove the batteries when leaving the product unattended for longer periods of time. Cleaning and maintenance Warning!

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If the device does not operate correctly, replace it with a new device. Thoroughly dry the device with a clean, dry cloth. Support If you need further help or have comments or suggestions, please visit www.

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Er klinkt een pieptoon. De toon wordt verzonden op het ingestelde kanaal.

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De display toont het volumeniveau. Laat de knop los om terug te keren naar de standby-modus. Női keresési 50600 display wordt 5 seconden verlicht.